Unexpected Angel: Unexpected Angel / Undercover Elf


Книга "Unexpected Angel: Unexpected Angel / Undercover Elf"

Авторы: Kate Hoffmann

Издатель: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9781474025584

One realistic department store Santa. Two genuine Christmas miracles. Who said Christmas was just for kids?Unexpected Angel by Kate HoffmannAlex Marrin knows his seven-year-old son, Eric, wants a perfect Christmas– the way it used to be before the divorce. Heck, the kid's even put in an order with Santa! But when beautiful Christmas consultant Holly Bennett shows up on their doorstep, Alex can't help wondering if she's the answer to Eric's prayers–or his?Undercover Elf by Kate HoffmannAspiring reporter Claudia Moore is looking for her big break. And when she hears about a store Santa who really grants children's wishes, she thinks she's found it. Only, she never dreamed she have to go undercover–as an elf, of all things! And if that wasn't bad enough, she finds herself falling in love–with the very man she planned to expose….




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